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Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Actress Minka Kelly ever said that she doesn’t really like plastic surgery. But, she tells this statement when she is still 19. And now her age is already 33 years old and she may has had the procedures done. This woman even has multiple plastic surgery like botox, facelift, breast augmentation and lip filler procedure. Though she wont admit it clearly, but many beauty specialists, plastic surgery expert and media journalist proved that the procedure is not just a bad mouthing news to her. But many of them agrees that the plastic surgery works well on her and makes her even prettier and sexier.

before and after Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Minka Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Though her age is still 33, but the traces of botox obviously seen there. The botox makes her face looks so smooth and toned in this day. Yes, its true that she is about 30s, but when woman entering their 30, the aging lines started to seen from her face. But in her case, the aging lines seems unwilling to appeared on her face. Her face looks so unblemished and very toned makes her as woman in 25s. Her forehead also bit elevated although it was the slightest one. And of course the botox works well on her.


This woman may has the facelift too though it was the liquid facelift. The liquid facelift may the lightest procedure of facelift that aimed to prevent her skin from saggy. This kind of facelift will help the face from saggy or sunken and give the tight looks on the facial appearance. Seeing how tight her face is, it seems that this actress only take the moderate facelift in this case.

Breast augmentation

As the sexiest woman alive, her breast probably the main assets for her. Her breast seems so perfectly round and protruding with though and up looks which suits to her pear body shape. Comparing from her past picture, it obviously seen that her breast seems bigger than before. She used to has medium breast probably C cup that now has been transformed to D Cup. It may the result of breast augmentation that adding extra volume in that area.

Lip filler

She also well known for having juicy and sexy lip. Seeing how plumped and trout pout her lip is, it may the result from the lip filer procedure done. She may got the collagen that was injected there to gives extra volume and make sit plumped so amazingly this day. Though she got lip filler, but the procedure seems give so much benefit due her lip looks even sexier and pout beautifully.

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