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Nancy Ajram Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Lebanese multi-platinum recording artist Nancy Ajram plastic surgery rumors are coming to light. She admitted that she has received plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Even, some people say that her plastic surgery procedures look overdone, but the singer herself doesn’t seem to think too much of it.

Nancy Ajram Plastic Surgery Nancy Ajram Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Nancy Ajram Plastic Surgery Before and After


Nose Job

A Nose job is the most spotlighted plastic surgery that may have been done by Nancy Ajram. Her nose is sharp enough but it seems that the ala part is too wide. She feels unsatisfied with it, then she decides to enhance her looks with a nose job procedure. That is why the ala area now looks smaller and cramped with a more pinched look in the tip area.

Cheek and Lip Fillers

Juvederm or restylane as well as collagen are the things that were injected into Nancy Ajram’s cheeks and lips areas. Her lips now looks plump and more trout pout than before. As you can see now, her check is saggy even though her age is 30 this may a good result from the cheek injections.

Breast Implants

Nancy Ajram may have had a breast augmentation procedure to maintain her body shape. It can be seen from her chest area which looks larger compared to her first debut years ago.


As you can see by looking at Nancy Ajram pictures, she has very smooth, porcelain-like facial skin. Some people think that it is because of Botox treatments. Actually she admitted that Botox helps her to get a smooth and toned facial skin. It looks frozen sometimes, but her facial skin is really smooth and flawless too.

Nancy Ajram plastic surgery rumors are true, and she may have gone a little overboard. So which one is better? Nancy Ajram before or after plastic surgery?

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