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Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

If there is a thing that will make Nikki Cox regretful probably is the plastic surgery that she has done. Nikki Cox used to very fabulous and pretty but the age has forced her to do a bad decision. This woman seems party too hard with the plastic surgery which resulting a really bad facial appearance.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Lip Enhancement

Either people or Nikki Cox may always regret the plastic surgery for the lip enhancement that she did. The lip enhancement has transformed Nikki Cox into something weird and terrible. It’s because she was overdoing the lip enhancement procedures. It seems that the fillers that were injected into her lip are in big doses that creating unnatural thick lip shape.

On that area, her upper lip unnaturally thick and looks bigger than the lower one. Not only that, the overdone lip enhancement also makes her smile is getting wider like Joker has, and it seems very terrible to her appearance.


It seems that Nikki Cox has learned much from the lip enhancement procedure and for that reason she has had the moderate botox injection. Luckily, even the lip enhancement is getting worse, the botox still helps Nikki Cox a bit.

Botox helps her to get rid of wrinkles and frown on the forehead. It also effective to disguise the laugh lines around the mouth area and the crow’s feet beneath her eyes. She gets tuned and flawless facial skin yet it doesn’t stiffen it at all.

We would love to say that Nikki Cox has learned much from the bad plastic surgery result. Lucky for her it’s only lip enhancement that makes her plastic surgery seems going worse. However botox still helps her to get better appearance. So, do you agree that Las Vegas star Nikki Cox had partied too hard with plastic surgery?

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