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Olivia Munn Boob Job Before and After Picture

Everybody must be agree that Olivia Munn is a pretty woman who has no reason to conduct plastic surgery for breast augmentation. It means that she already had medium breast before and plastic surgery for this procedure seems unnecessary.  Her breast definitely different either in its size and shape which is strengthens the indication that the boob job has given a new “part” in her chest. Though many people said that she is already has a medium breast in the past, it seems that everything is not enough till the volume is bit increased.

Olivia Munn Boob Job Olivia Munn Boob Job Before and After Picture

Olivia Munn Boob Job Before and After Picture


Her breast definitely looks bit bigger and larger compared than before. Everything you see at her chest area, you will noticed that this part looks pulled out or getting higher in its position. Some say that its not breast implant but kind of breast lift procedure but well the size also looks changed literally. Her breast seems getting bigger with wider looks and tougher condition. It seems that she has been change her breast from B cup to the C cup. Her breast definitely looks larger and bigger, but well everyone must be admit it suits to her voluptuous body.

Though the actress did not say anything, Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrrell J. Aston has been observed her before and after picture and said that the actress has the breast implant or boob job procedure to enhanced her figure.  “In my opinion this rising star probably had breast implants to enhance her figure. She has excellent contour and outline of the breast.

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