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Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Botox, Facelift, Lip Augmentation

What is on your mind when you talk about someone over 60 years having a youthful look? The first thing that appeared should be plastic surgery. Olivia Newton John is actually a nice example. Some peoples in forums claimed that the 64 years actress had gone under plastic surgeries to make her face back to 30s. It seems the procedures run successfully.

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Botox, Facelift, Lip Augmentation

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Botox injection and Forehead lift

Botox is actually one of the most favorite injections that will help the user removing the lines or wrinkles. As you could see that Olivia’s forehead got no wrinkles. The forehead looked so smooth. It might be too smooth for her that made her forehead a bit unnatural. While the forehead is also actually done


Commonly, someone over 60 years or more would have their facial skin getting saggy. In Olivia Newton’s case, she strongly possible did a facelift to tighten her sagging skin. Nowadays she got her face so tight and looked fresher than before.

Fillers injection

This procedure had made her facial skin more nutritious, the fillers like juvederm, restylane or the other fillers possibly injected in some parts of her face. The fillers injection itself is another procedure that can make the facial rejuvenation perfect, unless they did too much injection. Olivia actually did a bit too much filler injection on her cheek. The cheek looked swollen and too plump.


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery had made her eyes looked fresh and youthful. The wrinkles near her eyes and the crow feet had been removed instead. Now, she got brighter, more open and fresh eyes.

Lip implants

The implants of the lip actually can be seen from her wide smile. She got her lips wider than before.

When she was being asked about several rumors approaching her. Olivia Newton responded briefly that she didn’t have done any plastic surgery, she has a natural look. She also said that she is so grateful having a nice appearance and gene. What do you think of her guys? Did you notice that she did plastic surgery?

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