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Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Being a subject of plastic surgery rumor for a long time, recently vocalist of 2NE1 Park Bom is still denying the rumor. Even though her before and after picture has been widely spreading, she is still denies to have plastic surgery for beauty transformation. She was rumored undergone plastic surgery for nose job, eyelid surgery, lip implant and botox. Though this woman and her management denies it, the citizen especially her haters claimed that she has transformed too far with plastic surgery.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


She was rumored to have a nose job procedure not only once but twice. Her nasal area shows the indication of drastic changes from time to time. Her nose is getting smaller, thinner and pinched than before. Actually, judging from her before and after picture, it seems that she used to has flat and piggy nose. But now, since rise to popularity her nose changed a little bit little. That is why her haters believe that she has conducting twice nose job procedure.

Eyelid surgery

Like any other South Korean idol, this woman also rumored to have double eyelid surgery. It intended to make her eyes are getting bigger, wider and larger than before. Her eyes less squinted now and it strengthens the rumor of double eyelid surgery.

Lip enhancement

Judging from her before and after picture, her lip also gets pouted and fulled recently. It is triggering the speculation about the lip enhancement like collagen that was injected into that area. Her lip now looks so pout, plumped, bigger and juicy than before.


Though her age is already 30, this woman looks so young and it seems she looks 10 years younger than her real age. At first, you may admire it till you see her pictures that showing swollen and painful cheek condition. It may the result form the botox injection done because in the next day she seems looks normal and having smooth yet flawless facial skin. But, she cant hide the frozen and too stiffed condition that may the clear result of the botox injection done. In addition, there are also rumors that she had a chin implant.

Park Bom always named as on of many beautiful women in South Korea. However, judging from her before and after picture, do you will believe that her beauty is real and not the result from plastic surgery?

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