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Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Even hiding behind the mask, the front man of band Kiss, Paul Stanley plastic surgery rumors cannot be hidden. He is changing too much, and plastic surgery seems to be playing a major role in his transformation. Some experts believe that Paul Stanley has conducted plastic surgery for rhinoplasty, a facelift, a browlift, lip enhancement and eyelid surgery. Too much plastic surgery really changed the furious face of Paul Stanley into a feminine one.

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


From the before and after picture, his nose is changed especially in its shape. The nose looks higher and more pointed on the tip if compared to before. His new nose look like it has a smaller nasal bridge yet rounder in the tip. His nose also looks unnaturally pinched, which makes people believe that the rhinoplasty rumor was true even if Paul Stanley doesn’t admit it.


The thing that makes Paul Stanley looks like a woman today is probably the facelift procedure. It’s rather funny for a furious-looking man to have a facelift in order to preserve his youth. The facelift makes his facial skin look lifted and tightened unnaturally. Actually, the facelift makes his face look smooth and wrinkles-free, but it’s very frozen and stiff which are the indicators that this man has overdone the facelift procedures.

This way, a facelift also gives him an unnatural feminine look that almost makes us forget that Paul Stanley is a rock star.


Another plastic surgery procedure that takes part in making his womanly looks is a browlift. Look at that extremely arched eyebrow on his before and after picture. Those brows actually could remind you of a talkative old woman. That unnaturally arched eyebrow seems to be a clear indicator that Paul Stanley is a going overboard with his brow lift procedure. However, hopefully he stops any further works in that area.

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Picture Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

Lip Enhancement

In Paul Stanley before after pictures, you will notice that the man’s lips look larger and thicker than before. Although it is not a trout pout lip, that condition strengthens the rumor of lip enhancement. His lip look thicker and plumper than before. But well, let’s say the lip enhancement looks work good on him.

Eyelid Surgery

Paul Stanley is also rumored to have an eyelid surgery procedure. The reason is maybe to abolish the surplus fat under his eyes and to avoid the baggy skin condition from it. The picture shows that Paul Stanley has larger and wider eyes today compared than to before. But many say that eyelid surgery has elevated his eyes and makes him look a little bit weird.

No matter how hard to believe, let’s face the fact that even our rock star legends can’t resist the temptation of plastic surgery. Paul Stanley seems to have the same idea as Mark McGrath and Axl Rose who botched their faces through plastic surgery. What do you think of the Paul Stanley plastic surgery rumors? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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