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Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Terribly worst is a proper word to describe the plastic surgery procedure that was conducted by Dead or Alive vocalist, Pete Burns. But, don’t get wrong, Pete Burn isn’t kind of people who regretting his bad plastic surgery. This man even said he will going through another plastic surgery again in the future. While, recently Pete Burns himself has undergone many plastic surgery procedures such as facelift, Botox injections, lip implants and a nose job. Many people had forgot Pete Burns real face due his face looks so horror and terrible recently.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


By looking at his appearance, you must be noticed that Pete Burns and his feminine looks that make people forgot that he was one of rock stars of 80s. We can blame his plastic surgery facelift that makes him face looks so horrible and like a transgender too. The facelift really give shim abnormal and unnatural too smooth, too tight and too frozen facial condition. His face looks very lifted and it also give him painful looks sometimes. Shockingly, Pete Burns said he doesn’t regret it and has a plan to do similar procedure in the future. As he revealed to Dailymail in 2011 issue, Pete Burns said, “My face might fall off but Ill keep having plastic surgery”.


To the same media, Pete Burns also revealed that he has regular botox injection. That is why he has very elevated and lifted eyebrow as well as the forehead area too. Similar like facelift, he also has going too far with botox that gives him very numb and frozen facial condition.

Lip Implant

The most spotlighted plastic surgery procedure that really botched Pete Burns face is the lip implant. He has spent £1 million for the lip injection only. His lips looks terribly thick, fuller and larger than before. His lip also looks unnaturally plumped and bigger that creating an horror expression in Pete Burns face. In 2010, he sued a plastic surgeon, for wrongful procedures. Pete Burns won the legal feud and won £450,000.

Nose Job

Pete Burns also has the nose job procedure done. The nose job seems not only once but repeatedly. That is why instead of looking sharper and pinched than before, his nose looks melted and unnaturally wide for his cramped face.

Pete Burns may never stop his obsession in plastic surgery, but well I think he already know about every risk for each procedure. Do you agree that Pete Burns plastic surgery is really going too far and botched his own face?

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