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Did Pete Burns Have Another Plastic Surgery?

Out of all the plastic surgery stories out there, Pete Burn plastic surgery story is the scariest. The singer of the band Dead or Alive puts addicts, such as Michael Jackson to shame. Pete rose to fame with his hit singles such, You Spin Me Round. He later gained wide spread fame when he starred in the widely publicized reality TV show, ‘Celebrity Big Brother 2006’.

Pete Burns Before and After Did Pete Burns Have Another Plastic Surgery?

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After


Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Confessions

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery  Did Pete Burns Have Another Plastic Surgery?

Pete Burns Before and After


Unlike his fellow celebrities Pete is quite candid about has love for plastic surgery, not that he could lie about something so obvious. Pete has explained all the procedures he has gotten done and every time he has had a botched surgery, in vivid details. According to Pete, getting plastic surgery is like changing the sofas or the interior of the house and people should do it every few years.

Pete doesn’t shy away from telling horror stories regarding Pete Burns plastic surgery accidents. The singer tells an interviewer that he began experimenting with plastic surgery in 1980s with a nose job, which went slightly wrong and the singer had to undergo another rhinoplasty. Despite having a bad experience from the beginning, the singer was not dissuaded and went on to get lip fillers. In 2004, Pete had another bad experience with plastic surgery when his procedure got injected and lips swelled to about 18 inches with exudates!

It took over 9 months and several doctors for Pete to recover. During the course of this overhaul, Pete was told that lips will have to be amputated! While, this news scared Pete, it did not stop him for wanting more plastic surgery; He is famously stated as saying that he will keep getting plastic surgery even if his face falls. Last year, Pete won 450,000 pounds in damages after suing cosmetic surgeon, Dr Maurizio Viel, for a lip implant operation that went wrong.

As fans, we believe Pete Burn plastic surgery stories are a little shy of becoming a bone chilling horror story. It seems like the star singe of Dead or Alive is addicted to plastic surgery. Although, Pete claims that he is not addicted and that he can stop whenever he wants, we believe denial is a sign of addiction and it is time that someone gets him the much needed help. The artist, who hasn’t recorded any hit songs in the recent times needs to redirect his focus onto his career and on his health, rather than getting procedures that are doing more harm than good.

It is time, Pete’s partner Michael Simpson gets him the much needed help that he needs, instead of feeding into his addiction, it is time to practice some tough love and bring home the addiction rehab center brochures and help his husband begin on a journey to recovery! We wish Pete a very good luck!