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Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

There is proof as well as traces on her face that seem to make legendary Hollywood sex icon Raquel Welch have to admit that she has had  plastic surgery. Raquel Welch has been a subject of plastic surgery since long time ago, but until this day she still refuses the rumor of beauty enhancement through plastic surgery.

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Picture Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


But even if Raquel Welch said her fabulous looks is natural, some people believe actually she has plastic surgery done especially nose job, facelift, breast implant, brow lift and Botox. However, Raquel Welch insists she never conducted any plastic surgery procedure.


From her facial skin which looks so tight and lifted in some parts make people believe that Raquel Welch has the facelift procedure done. Facelift besides effective to abolish rough skin lines and crease that appear on her face, also helps her to prevent saggy skin that may come on the chin or eyes area.

Nose Job

People predicted that Raquel Welch has the nose job procedure long time before she rose to stardom. Raquel Welch seems has transformed her bulbous nose into something pinched and refined one. No wonder today you will see that Raquel Welch’s nose looks smaller and slimmer due to the plastic surgery procedure of nose job. And it seems ran well on her.

Breast Implant

Raquel Welch also rumored has the breast enlargement procedure through the breast implant. As we know she used to sexy icon in Hollywood that scored from her body shape too. Raquel Welch has quite protruding breasts yet not too big actually, but it were fuller than other women with same age. It elevated perfectly, makes everyone sure that breast implant is true rumor for Raquel Welch.

Brow Lift

To create fresh looks, Raquel Welch may have diet and exercise, but that arched eyebrow could be the result of brow lift procedure. The brow lift helps her to avoid saggy skin under the eyebrow yet make it higher too. It makes Raquel Welch looks younger and fresher even if her age is 73 years old this day.


As over seven decades old woman, it’s amazing to see Raquel Welch’s facial skin looks still elastic and tight. It’s triggering the speculation about the botox procedure. The elevated forehead with arched eyebrow seems the indications that the botox was injected into glabella and give that fascinating youthful effects to her appearance. Botox also helps Raquel Welch to disguise smooth crease, laugh lines, crow’s feet that make her face seem unblemished.

Raquel Welch may always deny the rumor she has plastic surgery. But, do you believe that Raquel Welch’s fabulous look is natural and not the plastic surgery result?

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