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Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

The daughter of Demi Moore, Rumer Willis looks so different today. She looks prettier and sexier compared than before. This condition leads the speculation that this young woman has follow her mother step to conduct plastic surgery. She may has undergone plastic surgery for chin, lip and breast implant procedure. But, not every people agree that this 25 years old woman has conducting plastic surgery. They say that she just grow up and has the good genes from her superstar parents. But, it seems that the genes is not enough to change someone facial appearance as you can see in Rumer Willis case.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Rumer Willis Chin Implants Before and After Picture


The most spotlighted plastic surgery procedure that was accused to her is the chin implant. As we know, she used to had thick chin that shows how short her neck is. But after the time passed, Rumer Willis chin looks smaller and protruding with subtle looks. Her neck looks longer compared that before strengthens the speculation that this woman has conducting plastic surgery for the chin implant done. Overall, the chin implant is really change her facial shape to oval and protruding one.

Lip implants

Like her mother did, she also has the lip implant procedure. Her lips seem looks thicker and fuller rather than we compared it with her previous condition. Her lips size is really getting small but can help that that the volume of her lip seems increased due it looks so fuller and trout pout than before.

before and after Rumer Willis plastic surgery Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Rumer Willis Breast Implants Before After Picture

Breast implants

It was reported several years ago, Demi Moore had breast implants procedure. And now, it seems that her daughter, Rumer Willis also conducting the same thing too. Her breasts look bigger and protruding than before and makes us believe that she has follow her mom to conduct breast augmentation procedure. Her breasts look bigger and wider with fuller looks compared when we saw her years ago. Rumer Willis may blessed with good genes from her parents but, it seems that it is not enough to change her drastically without the assistance of plastic surgery.

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