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Sally Field Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

 In her 67 years old, Sally Field is still fabulous and mesmerizing. Sally Field admits she got the plastic surgery procedure to maintain her fabulous look. To the public, Sally Field revealed she is satisfied with the result and will keep it for combating aging. It’s nice to know that Sally Field is not a plastic surgery denier.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Picture Sally Field Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



To keep her skin elastic and smooth, Sally Field took the Botox procedure done. But since the result is not overdone, Sally Field may get small doses of botox injection especially for the forehead, under the eyes and the mouth area.

Her forehead looks wrinkles-free, unblemished and bit elevated. The botox injection also disguises the laugh lines around her mouth and makes this are smoother. The botox also possibly erases the wrinkles or crow’s feet that appeared around her eyes, automatically it gives youthful and fresh looks for her face.


To make the botox works perfectly, Sally Field seems also combined it with the facelift procedure. The facelift gives the advantages for Sally Field by prevent saggy skin that could appear on her chin or some other parts in her face.

The facelift makes her facial skin looks so tight and tuned. It also makes the crease or soft lines on her face disappear. However Sally Field looks 10 years younger than her actual age.

Dermal Fillers

Besides those procedures above, Sally Field also has dermal fillers like restylane or juvederm. The dermal fillers make the skin more elastic and it also remove the dead cells in her face. Those dermal fillers may be also injected in the chin and cheek to make those parts plumper and more protruding.

Sally Field is successful to manage her plastic surgery and take its benefit to against aging. Did you agree that Sally Field aging gracefully with the help of plastic surgery?

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