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Sandra Bullock Nose Job Rhinoplasty Before and After Picture

Sandra’ Bullock is known well as a gorgeous and great actress. She is also one of actresses who had a big experience with plastic surgery. And the latest activity in plastic surgery is her nose job. Sandra’s nose looked different from she used to have.

Sandra Bullock Nose Job Sandra Bullock Nose Job Rhinoplasty Before and After Picture

Sandra Bullock Nose Job Before After Picture


Sandra Bullock used to have a wide nose with a big tip. As an experienced lady in plastic surgery, it seems she has no doubt to go under the knife in reshaping her nose. By comparing her previous photo and the latest one, you could find a big change on her nose. The wide nose had turned into a narrower nose with a smaller tips. It seems her new nose looked match and beautiful.

She did great in deciding to take a rhinoplasty. The result had made her more beautiful and more confident too. Dr. Michael Salzhauer is impressed with the thing she did. The nose job had made her nose more elegant.

Some plastic surgeons had ever informed to the users that a plastic surgery could be nice and made the user happy, but sometimes it could  be a big enemy that made the user down and even destroy their career. Sandra Bullock is so lucky that she got a good work. She is still known by the people and fans, even though her nose had been reshaped. What do you think of her guys? Is she inspiring?

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