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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Did She Have Work Done?

She is one of the top actresses in America at the moment, is loved by many people and is the topic of conversation in many entertainment magazines. This adds up to the people talking about Sandra Bullock plastic surgery rumors. There has been a lot of speculation and rumors about her looks for many years now. She is a very attractive and very beautiful actress. Recently, she was reported as having some plastic surgery enhancements in some parts of her body.

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Did She Have Work Done?

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Nose Job

Talking about her nose, some people noticed that her nose looked  different from the nose she used to have. In the past, her nose had a wider bridge and a big tip. Then after the nose job she must have had, she changed the shape significantly. The nose today looks narrower with a nice tip. The nose is more refined, more elegant and matches her face, she got a really nice nose job. You can only notice the difference if you look at before and after pictures closely. this nose job was very well done and it suits her face very well. Therefore, unless you are paying close attention it is hard to see the difference because she still looks great.

Facial Fillers

Some people believe that she has had lip injections and fillers. Experts believe she has used Juvederm or restylane are two possible fillers she could have  used. Her lips today are plumper and look nicer than before. She has really nice lips. If she had her lips done with fillers than she has had another very well done surgery. Her lips look natural and they do not look over done.

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Picture Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Did She Have Work Done?

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery

Botox Injection

Botox injections are commonly used by many people to remove all the wrinkles on the forehead. In her case, the wrinkles have been successfully removed from her face. This is so that she looks younger and can therefore continue to start in movies where she plays younger roles.

Unfortunately, it seems she has had too much Botox because there are some noticeable signs. Her forehead looked frozen and a bit unnatural. That’s a really poor decision to use too much Botox. It could make her look like a statue. She needs to walk a fine line when using botox or else she could end up ruining her career.

Thread Lift

The last procedure is the thread lift. She might have wanted to remove the sagging skin on her face by doing this procedure. It is another procedure to make her look young.

This experience could be a great lesson for her and other people who wanted to do some plastic surgeries. Do you think the Sandra Bullock plastic surgery procedures are bad? Do you think they need to rethink what they will do? Plastic surgery has a big risk if it is not done well. Overdone work could break someone’s image.

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