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Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox, Fillers Injection

Sarah Chalke, the American comedian had made many people surprised. It’s not about her career, but her lifestyle in doing plastic surgery that made her look so different now. Some procedures that possibly had done by her are including a nose job, Botox injection and fillers injection.

Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Picture Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox, Fillers Injection

Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Picture Before After Picture


The first plastic surgery that was obviously seen is a nose job. Her nose seems having changes. In this case, you might get a little hard to find out the change between her current nose and the previous one, but, if you see deeper, you will find that her current nose look narrower than before. It’s the bridge which is reshaped. She got a nice nose and not overdone.

Botox Injection

The second procedure that she did is a botox injection. As everybody knows that her forehead looked so smooth and flawless without any wrinkles. The Botox injection had done on her forehead so well and made her looked younger than before.

Fillers Injection

Another procedure that she had done is fillers injection. In the face area, you could see that the cheek got plumper look than it used to be. It indicated that the cheek was done with some fillers. Commonly, Juvederm and restylane are the fillers that many people use.

So far, she did the plastic surgeries so well and not overdone. Will she try another procedure? Let the time answer.

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