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Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Blepharoplasty Before and After Picture

She is a very famous South Korean actress who is loved by many adoring fans. However, she is from the country where the most people get plastic surgery in the world therefore any rumors about her did not come as much of a surprise.Well it wasn’t shocking news when Seo Woo plastic surgery rumors began to surface. Even though, she and her management team did not answer the rumor, her changing appearance may have revealed the truth of her plastic surgery. She has been famous since 2007 and since then the rumors have started. South Korean culture has an obsession with plastic surgery and therefore why should their actors be any different from the everyday people. They are probably not which is why the rumors about this actress are probably very real and true.

Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Blepharoplasty Before and After Picture

Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Based on some sources, she has gone under the knife and had procedures for eyelid surgery or also known as blepharoplasty. This is a very common procedure is South Korea. It has been influenced by the Manga comics and their characters with their big eyes. It makes some fans say that she is unrecognizable now. While others really admire the work she has had done and want to look more like her.


Seo Woo may be blessed with a pretty face since she was born, but in reality her eyes are also small like any other South Korean actresses. She like many people in her country wanted to have bigger eyes to enhance her look. Especially for an actress who needs to express emotion having larger eyes is a must.  In her first debut, she already had pretty and natural eyes. It seems that she did not show any indication of plastic surgery. After time passed, we can see that her eyes are getting wider and larger. This has affected the way she looks and the way her fans feel about her. They are torn because many have had or want to have the same surgery as she has had.  Others do not like her new eyes and think she looked better before. Therefore, her fans are very split in their reactions.

It creates speculation that Seo Woo may have been put under the knife to conduct plastic surgery for blepharoplasty. This eyelid surgery is supposed to make her eyes look wider and larger than they did before. Therefore it would seem that Seo Woo received many benefits from it. She has been acting steadily since she started in 2007 therefore this procedure has only helped her career. She must pay attention and not have too many other surgeries or else she can start to look fake or unnatural. For the time being she looks great.  Maybe she does not look the same as she once did but her procedures have enhanced her looks not made her look bad. What do you think about the Seo Woo plastic surgery rumors? Now, her wide eyes make her look even prettier.

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