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Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Seohyun plastic surgery rumors were expected, as many South Korean actresses have had work done. She is one of the South Korean idols who always lived her life with the rumor. Looking so perfect and amazing, it leads the speculation among the citizens whether she has had plastic surgery or not. Are her perfect looks natural beauty or the result of plastic surgery? According to a survey, 44.5% believe that she has natural beauty and not plastic surgery. That is why when she was rumored to have breast implants and eyelid surgery, many people didn’t believe it at all. It was easier to believe the Julie Chen rumors.

Seohyun Plastic Surgery Picture Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Seohyun Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before After Picture


This SNSD member was rumored to a have breast implant procedure due to her breast that look a little bit bigger and protruding now. Her breasts seem very different with a better look and a rounder shape. The public believes that it was a result from her wardrobe and push up bra, and not breast implants as rumored. Her fans also claimed that she loves sweet potatoes so much, it helps her to get natural hormones which help to increase her breast size.

Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before After Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before After

Eyelid surgery

She is also rumored to have eyelid surgery done due to her eyes that are wider lately. Once again, she proved that it was only an rumor. Her make up free pictures show that she still has squinted and small eyes. That is why her eyes looking so wide recently may be the effect of make up and eye shadow only.

But still many haters claim that the Seohyun plastic surgery rumors are real. How about you guys? Do you think that Seohyun’s fabulous look is the result of plastic surgery or is she naturally pretty?

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