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Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Her and her sister took the tennis world by storm and they are still making waves today.  She is an American professional tennis player, Serena Williams’ plastic surgery procedures have been the subject of heated debate. It is strange that a tennis player would have procedures done but looking at the pictures it is hard to deny this. We usually hear of actors or musicians having work done.  Rarely is is an athlete that is going under the knife.  However some people really believe that she has done this. It would be a very risky move on her part because of recovery times and complications.

before and after plastic surgery Serena Williams Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

before and after Serena Williams breast implants


Breast implants

She used to have a medium breast size when you saw her in the Ameritech Cup at Chicago in 1994. At that time, her breasts looked small and you could spot the spaces on her chest. As her career and popularity increased so too did her breast size according to some people.They think that from time to time her breasts looked bigger. Her breasts got bigger in size increasing from A cup to B cup. The shape had also changed. They were now perfectly round are they look pulled. There are some people who do not believer the rumors. Many people say that she is just growing up, and that is why her breast appear bigger and larger now.

Butt implant

There are rumors of butt implants that have also been going around.  These came about through her bikini photos, you will see that her rear and body look very protruding, wide, and big recently. This is triggering the speculation that tennis player has put herself under the knife to get butt implant procedures. This could very well be due to exercising and her strict workout because she is an athlete.

before and after butt implant Serena Williams Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Nose Job

She also had a nose job that you can see very obviously through her before and after pictures. It may not be a nose reconstruction procedure, or a serious procedure but something looks very different in only the nasal tip area. The tip of her nose looks pinched and rounder, which could indicate that she has had nose job procedures done. It also looks reshaped and defined which makes her nose look subtle and protruding. This was not the case before and it is hard to find another explanation as to why her nose could have changed so much in so little time.


Like many Hollywood celebrities she may have had botox injections to prevent or slow down the signs of aging. This gives her face and skin a smooth look.  Her facial features look softer with a lifted forehead, which indicates that the procedure was injected to the glabela area. The botox injections also help her to disguise the laugh lines that could have been starting around her mouth, as well as the crows feet under her eyes, and creases that commonly appeared on her forehead. Overall, the botox works well and she doesn’t looks worse for doing this procedure if anything she looks better.

Liposuction and tummy tuck

Many people think she has had some other procedures to control her weight and make her training easier. These procedures can make her move more easily on the tennis court, therefore, she probably had a tummy tuck and liposuction as well. Recently people have noticed that her belly appears flatter and slimmer than it did before.  This is a clue which strengthens the indications and rumors around a tummy tuck procedure. She may also have had liposuction procedures too. Many people believe that this procedure seems to have been done to the arms and thigh areas to abolish excess fat that was stored there. However again because she is an athlete she might have changed her training routine and therefore has lost some weight and toned her arms and thighs. Do you think these Serena Williams plastic surgery rumors are real? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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