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Shaun Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Shaun Cassidy was very hot for past years ago, but his age is going to 55 years old. It seems that Shaun Cassidy himself is afraid of being old and kind of wrinkles paranoia too. That is why there are some rumors told that he did several plastic surgery procedures to maintain his youthful look.

Shaun Cassidy Plastic Surgery Shaun Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Shaun Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


But, it seems that Shaun Cassidy managed to keep the rumor of plastic surgery in secret so we don’t really know well about the procedure. By looking at his current appearance, this man may had botox and kind of facial fillers.


Many people believed that Shaun Cassidy had the botox procedure done. His face which is looked immobile is the result of botox procedure that conducted regularly. The botox makes his face free from wrinkles, but it can not hide the swollen looks due the regular injection that was injected there.

Facial Fillers

Beside botox, facial fillers are another probably the procedure that make his face looks changed from time to time. The facial fillers like restylane or juvederm were combined with collagen that injected especially in cheek and the chin area. It gives him toned facial condition but also very stiff and swollen too.

Shaun Cassidy may very hot for past years ago and it makes every girls screaming for him. But looking at his current condition, it seems that this man is going too far with plastic surgery. Do you agree that Shaun Cassidy is a bit overdoing with plastic surgery?

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