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Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

He is a world famous musician who is so famous that he has had 37 top 40 hits from 1967 to 1980.  However many people now believe Smokey Robinson plastic surgery because he looks way to goo to be in his 70s. Therefore he does look younger but it is hard to find out which procedures he has had. He is an icon and was a role model for many people in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Many people still adore him and he can still sell out concerts and whenever he releases an album it sells a lot of copies.

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Smokey Robinson Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture



At 74 years old, Smokey Robinson’s face looks tight and toned.  His face is too tight for a man of his age. He has less wrinkles now than he dide many years ago. It’s hard to spot wrinkles or frown in his face, there are no wrinkles found on his face this is all because of the face lift. It pulls the skin in a way that the person no longer has wrinkles. In his 70s, his facial skin looks tight and not saggy at all this is much better than almost any person his age. Therefore it is surely because of a face lift he did. He may have had a face lift not only once, because his face looks like porcelain.

Eyelid Surgery

Smokey Robinson is also rumored to have conducted eyelid surgery to disguise the saggy skin under his eyes. The rumors surrounding this procedure come from the fact that he has no bags or puffiness under his eyes. Usually people use makeup to hid their baggy eyes and in some extremes they have this surgery done. The eyelid surgery gives him a youthful look by disguising smooth lines that probably appeared there. The youthful look can also be seen due to his eyes looking wider than before. Therefore this procedure can make your eyes look younger and wider at the same time.  No wonder it is so popular with the celebrities in Hollywood.

Brow lift

The final rumor about his plastic surgery is a brow lift. This is a very similar procedure to the last two mentioned therefore it is possible that he had all three or just 1 or 2 of them done. If you take a look at Smokey Robinson’s face, you will see how elevated his eyebrows are. His  eyebrows look so high unnaturally which must be the result of a brow lift surgical procedure. However, the result of this brow lift he has had done are not positive. Many people think that it was a botched surgery and it has ruined his face.  They think that is has made him less attractive and handsome. There are some who would categorize if  as a bad plastic surgery result. Therefore many people believe that he has done too face with surgeries and that he should stop now because he really becomes unrecognizable. He is beginning to look very fake and nothing like his former self.  This could hurt his career and make his fans no longer want to buy his records or listen to his music. Hopefully this 70 plus entertainer decides that he looks young enough and stays away from any more surgeries however only time will tell if he can do that. Some people think that celebrities get addicted to plastic surgery and that is why they continue to have procedures so frequently.

Smokey Robinson plastic surgery photos reveal that he went way overboard. What do you think? Do you agree that he is going too far?

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