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Sridevi Plastic Surgery Botox Before and After Picture

Bollywood queen Sridevi denies the rumor of plastic surgery as the sign for her come back to the entertainment industry. Well, by looking at her appearance, it is hard to believe that Sridevi age is about 50 years old. She looks so fresh and young like a woman in the mid of 35. Then, it created  a speculation that Sridevi depend on plastic surgery as the secret of her youthful looks.

Sridevi Plastic Surgery Sridevi Plastic Surgery Botox Before and After Picture

Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Sridevi herself hardly denies the rumor and said her active and systematic life was her secret actually. Even, she denies the rumor, but some people say that Sridevi actually had plastic surgery procedure for the botox treatments. Seeing how youthful she is, it is hard to believe that Sridevi didn’t do any plastic surgeries at all.


As above explanation,  Sridevi actually denied the rumor of her plastic surgery procedure. But, some people say that her youthful looks is the result of regular botox injection. It can be seen from how toned and tight her forehead is. Her forehead looks so soft and unblemished and there are no frowns found there. It also a little bit lifted and makes the speculation about thee injection of botox into glabela area.

The botox may also injected in cheek and the mouth area, simply to disguised the crows feet and the laugh lines there. That is why it is not only makes Sridevi face looks so smooth and unblemished but also very soft and elastic too. In addition, there are some rumors told that Sridevi has a nose job and lip augmentation procedure. But it is hard to prove it.

Even though, she denied the rumor, but everybody must be agreed that Sridevi seems got so much benefit from it. Do you think that Sridevi is looking good with plastic surgery or not?

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