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Stana Katic Nose Job: Before and After

She is a famous Canadian-American film and television actress however Stana Katic’s nose job rumors are prevalent.  Instead of people talking about how talented she is they are talking about her nose.  However, she has remained silent on the matter. She has not said anything for or against these rumors and she had ignored them all together. Many media outlets and some plastic surgery experts like Dr. Peter Wenkwitz believe that she had plastic surgery done. They are looking at pictures of her from before and now to see if they can find any differences in her appearance. So far many people have noticed that she looks different but not many have been able to guess exactly  what she has done to look different. It’s true she never clearly admitted it, but her before and after pictures reveal many things.

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery Stana Katic Nose Job: Before and After

Stana Katic Nose Job Before and After Picture


If you take a look at her before and after picture above, you will see the significant differences in Stana Katic nose and the area around her nose. She used to have a bulky nose that was wide at the base. Not only that, the nasal bridge looks wider, along with the tip area. These types of procedures can facilitate some major improvements, like the nose job that Jang Geun Suk had. Therefore by looking at the pictures it is easy to see that she has had a nose job. The changes that we can see in her face could not have been done any other way. A person’s nose does not change with weight lose or gain at least not in the way that her nose has changed. It look good and suits her face however she will not admit or decline the rumors. She instead has chosen to ignore these rumors all together which can show that she has probably had something done to her.

After time passed and she became more famous, her nose changed drastically. There’s not a wide nose there anymore. It has transformed into a pinched, small and thinner nose. It has a higher nasal bridge and pinched tip. It looks good for her and makes Stana Katic looks fabulous. She does look great but she must be careful. Many celebrities get used to having procedures and then they go past what is normal and start to look unnatural. They have too many procedures and begin not to look like themselves. If she were to do this it would hurt her career. She must remember that changing her nose again will cause people to know for sure that she has had plastic surgery. Therefore she must pay attention to what procedures she has done.

Even though the results looks so suitable and normal, Stana Katic’s nose job rumors are still unconfirmed. She keeps silent about the procedure she had done. So, do you think that she looks much better? What do you think of her nose before, was it really that bad? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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