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Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants, Botox

Stephanie Pratt, MTV’s The Hill star looked so different in recent years. The 27 years lady seems like doing several plastic surgeries to enhance her look. She might love plastic surgeries as her way to get the best look in her dream.

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Pic Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Breast Implants, Botox

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Pic


Nose Job.

Stephanie Pratt might be not satisfied on the changes of her nose. She had ever done a nose job, before she did the second. In her first nose job, she got a nice narrow nose. And then she did the second nose job to find a better look. She had no explanation for her second nose job.

Breast Augmentation

Stephanie possibly did a breast augmentation to enhance the size and the shape of her breast, For now, she got a bigger and rounder breast.

Lip Augmentation

The next change of her appearance is on the lips. she got her lips augmented by reshaping the shape lips and made the lips more meaty. You could see that her thick lips stay weirdly under her nose. Some people commented that The lip augmentation is not truly important. She used to have a nice lips. The newest lips is awful.

Botox injection

The last reported plastic surgery she did is botox injection. Dr Jennifer Walden noticed that she already injected her forehead with botox injection. Her forehead looked so smooth. We guessed she has not got a serious problem with wrinkles, because she is still young. This procedure shouldn’t be done.

Did Stephanie addict to plastic surgeries? Stephanie Pratt and plastic surgery looked so close, in just few years in her young age, she already done several works. Some people wait for other shocking plastic surgery she would do. But, we suggest her to avoid it. Plastic surgery sometimes could be a good friend, but sometimes it could make people down.

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