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Steve Martin Botox Before After Picture

Plastic surgery is not monopolized by female celebrity, even senior actor like Steve Martin also rumored gets his plastic procedure to maintain his looks. Well, unlike female celebrity who sometimes admits the plastic surgery procedure, Steve Martin didn’t tell many about the procedure he had.

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Steve Martin Botox Before After Picture

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



There is not much explanation about what kind of plastic surgery was taken by Steve Martin. But by looking at his current appearance, many believe that botox is working their job on his face. Botox helps Steve Martin to smoothen his face especially by reducing the crease, wrinkles and other aging sign lines.

The botox highly possibly injected into his forehead area. It’s because his forehead seems unblemished and free from wrinkles or frown. The botox also helps Steve Martin to abolish crow’s feet on eyes area, makes it smooth and fresh.

With its magic power, Botox also seems gives benefit for Steve Martin to maintain his looks by abolishing laugh lines around the mouth area. The laugh line may very smooth and unseen with botox, that part now looks smoother than before.

On the other hand, the Botox injection on Steve Martin even makes some people say that it’s also gives feminine looks on his appearance.

Steve Martin never says a word regarding the rumor he has the plastic surgery done. But there are could be different opinions among people. So, how do you describe his plastic surgery rumor especially for the Botox? Is it a true rumor, or is it a true fact?

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