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Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Steven Tyler is a great artist with a powerful singing voice and he has a reputation for having a very large mouth.There have been many Steven Tyler plastic surgery rumors over the years. It has been for a long time since the rock band Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler admitted his plastic surgery procedure. Well, actually though he never actually had to admit to it with words, at first glance we already noticed the traces of plastic surgery that can be seen clearly in his face. However, we should appreciate his open declaration about several procedures of plastic surgery like botox, facelift and nose job procedure. He has told the media about his procedures which is not something that many celebrities do. Therefore he should be commended on that.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture



This man openly said that he is a big fan of botox. It seems that this man got the regular botox injections in the cheeks. The botox was actually a good solution if he wanted to smooth the wrinkles on  his face. However, in his case, its obviously seen that he got regular botox injections that was injected into his cheeks. That is why instead of getting tight facial skin, his face seems melted with several bold folding skin that can be obviously be seen on his face.


He did not only have botox, he also has had a facelift procedure done too. The first facelift really gave him so many benefits, but, it seems that he was never satisfied with only one facelift procedure. This man was reported to have repeatedly had facelift procedures due the part of skin near his ears.  It looks so tight and pulled. His forehead also looks very elevated and lifted because of the facelift procedures that were conducted there. Though he has repeated the facelift several times, we still noticed frown and lines that can be seen on his face.  Therefore his facelifts have not really helped him very much

Nose job

This man even claimed that he did not like his nose at all and that he had a nose job procedure done to fix the nose he did not like. Therefore, as you can see today, this man has a pinched and sharp nose which looks very unnatural. Yes many people have said that his nose is too pinched with very small nostrils that can be dangerous for his breathing and singing. However, this man seems to have remained claim and does not really care about how his nose looks.  Even it if looks extremely  unnaturally thin and small at this time.

Steven Tyler actually knows that his plastic surgery procedures are considered ugly and he is too old to do it over and over again. So what is your opinion about Steven Tyler multiple plastic surgery procedure?

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