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Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Recently, the Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra Barney admitted that some of the plastic surgery rumors about her were true.  She has admitted she had conducting plastic surgery for the breast implant procedure to boost her confidence. But, recently she removed the implants because of the health reason. She also has had Botox  injections as well as the tummy tuck too. She  has also finally admitted to using Botox injections however she has not admitted to having a tummy tuck.

Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Tamra Barney Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Firstly, the actress said that she doesn’t feel confidence at all with her breast and decide to conduct plastic surgery for the breast implant procedure. The reason is simply, it is because she feels that everybody must be starred at her small breast every time they meet her. That is why to boost her confidence and enhance her celebrity looks, she decides to conduct breast implant procedure. And as you can see, her breast looks so big, wide and appear larger this time. But recently, she accused to have health problem. Based on some sources, she had cervical cancer and it makes she should removed the implants that had injected into her breasts. She reveals it in an interview and many people know it. Today, her breasts look normal and she has a medium breast size. She looks good now.

Botox injection

The actress openly said that she got regular botox injection and makes her bit relying too much with it. That is why she said to the reporter that she needs to wean the botox and not too relying with it. Her face which is looks so smooth but also stiffed at this time is the result from the botox injection done. The botox may gives her smooth facial skin but it also has the numb looks and sometimes makes the actress unable to move it.

Tummy tuck

The actress was seen with flat belly in a bikini while on the beach in Miami  Florida. Beside that, her belly button looks unnatural  as well and it has started the speculation about the tummy tuck procedure. The tummy tuck may gives her that flat belly without any excess fat that was stored there. But, as you can see her unnatural belly button there, it seems that the tummy tuck procedure need another process to returning the natural condition in it.

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