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Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

American model and actress, Tara Reid openly admitted she got the plastic surgery procedure for the beauty enhancement. It’s nice to know that Tara Reid is not a plastic surgery denier and she never keeps the plastic surgery rumor in private.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Tara Reid Breast Augmentation Before and After


Breast Augmentation

Tara Reid always brings the sexy image on her. No wonder because she is a model and actress who often exposes her body especially on the chest area. Some say that breasts are great assets for Tara Reid, so when she admitted the breast augmentation, not many people shocked.

On her before and after picture, we can clearly see how her chest changed both in size and shape. Her breast is getting bigger and fuller and only leaves little spaces there. However, something wrong seems happen with those breasts recently. Her breasts seem saggy and shrunken.


Tara Reid also tries to keep her body shape in perfect by conduct the liposuction procedure. She said that even though she is quite skinny, but she craved about having six pack belly. Tara Reid openly said she got the liposuction procedure especially in the belly area that makes it flatter than before.

For some people, Tara Reid is a bit overdoing plastic surgery. But the most important here, Tara Reid isn’t plastic surgery denier and be herself even if many say plastic surgery is the wrong decision of her.

So, what do you think about her plastic surgery procedure confession?

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