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Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

She is a well known actoress who has been on many television shows and in many popular movies over the years. There have been many rumors that have surrounded Taryn Manning plastic surgery and if you look at some of the pictures you might not think that they are rumors. They have spread all around Hollywood for a some time now. No one really knows what kind of plastic surgery she has had. Based on several trusted sources, she is rumored to have had botox injections and lip implants. Looking at the pictures below you can judge for yourself, she definitely does not look the same as she once did.

Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Taryn Manning Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture



She looked so fabulous at that event when wearing a sea green chiffon full-length gown. Not only did the gown make her look fabulous but,  her make up also looked amazing too. Her face was so unblemished and smooth, which is strengthening the botox injections rumors. Many people say that it’s not the botox, but is instead the result of amazing make up. However the changes in her face must be more than just good makeup. All we can go by then is her messy appearances when she was portraying Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett in the Orange Is The New Black series. When she appeared with beautiful looks, it created the rumors of plastic surgery. Moreover, she had dyed her hair to blonde that gave it a smooth, highlighting and unblemished condition. It also helped her facial features look better.The botox injections have made her look very pretty and it is quite natural looking. This could have gone very badly for her. Many time when a person has too much botox their face freezes up and they look stiff and fake. The result for an actress is that they lose work because they have had too much botox and no one wants to see an actress who has no facial expression. You cannot act properly if you cannot move the muscles in your face.

Lip injection

Taryn Manning is also considered to have had lip injections too after seeing how plump her lips are. She has fuller and thicker lips than what you see everyday in the Orange Is The New Black series. Well, though many considered this procedure to have been done, she could just have applied dark lipstick and black eye make-up that gave her those striking looks. However it is more than just striking looks. Her lips look too full to be done by makeup.

She may never say if she is truly confident with her appearance. We can always speculate on Taryn Manning’s plastic surgery, but, at least at that 41st International Emmy Awards she showed how beautiful she can be.

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