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Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Teri Hatcher is the subject of plastic surgery rumor for a long time. It is because of she still did not want to say anything regrading the rumor. Many people say that if the rumor was true, she has been botched her own face. Teri Hatcher plastic surgery seems going too far and you can see it from her before and after picture of her. Based on some sources, she rumored has going too far with facelift and botox that was also enhanced with the nose job procedure too. Let’s we discus her plastic surgery procedures one by one.

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Facelift was rumored to Teri Hatcher due her face which unnaturally tight with a lifted condition in some parts and areas. The facelift may has been performed in the cheek area simply to prevent it from sunken and saggy. She may also has the facelift procedure in the chin area to abolish excess skin there. The botox also prevent her face from the hard folding and crease. But as you can see from her before and after picture, it seems that she is a bit overdoing with facelift as rumored by many people this day.


Teri Hatcher also rumored enhanced that facelift with the botox injection too. It can be seen clearly from her forehead that very elevated and lifted yet looks so flawless too. But in other photos that showing her after-bath selfie, Teri Hatcher shows the different looks with almost bit saggy forehead condition. That strengthens the rumor she got the botox due the next day her forehead looks so smooth and toned. She remains silent about the botox procedure and seems wont said too much about it.

Nose Job

Teri Hatcher also rumored to have a nose job procedure due her before and after picture seems showing the significant differences there. She used to have bulbous nose that combined with wide ala too. But after the time passed and she getting even famous, her nose looks more pinched with cramped ala and more pointed nasal tip than before.

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