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Tyra Banks Nose Job Rhinoplasty Before and After Picture

Tyra Banks could be listed among the celebrities who had a nose job. The former model is being discussed by many people in some forums due to her appearance with a new shape of nose. Yes, she possibly did a rhinoplasty to enhance her appearance in entertainment industry.

Tyra Banks Nose Job Tyra Banks Nose Job Rhinoplasty Before and After Picture

Tyra Banks Nose Job Before and After Picture


What did Tyra Banks do to her nose? She actually reshape her nose with a plastic surgery called rhinoplasty or best known as a nose job. She was listed among other celebrities who had a rhinoplasty along their career. Some people firstly noticed that she got a different look after comparing her previous photo and the latest one.

They found that her nose had turned become a narrower nose with a refine nose. Tyra Banks herself has not given any explanation or confirmation about it. But, even though she didn’t explain, the nose job is still able to be seen obviously.

Talking about the result, she got a better look of nose, she might be so happy with the result. She got a narrow and elegant nose. The most important thing is the nose match to her face and made her look greater than she used to be. Moreover, the nose job she did didn’t change her face. She is still recognizable. What do you think of the result? Is it great?

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