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Vanna White Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job, Botox

Vanna White looked great recently, even though she has been over 50 years old. Many people speculated that the secret of her youthful beauty is the plastic surgeries. Could it be true? Some speculations claimed that Vanna White had gone under some procedures including a facelift, a nose job and botox injection.

Vanna White Plastic Surgery Vanna White Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job, Botox

Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


The facelift had tightened her skin very well. She got no loose skin in her face which is known as a sign of aging.We guessed a facelift is not only a rumor. If that’s true, she got a very good work. In fact, it’s too good as a natural one. Besides, she also might have an eyelid surgery to refresh her eyes. Many women would like to maintain their fresh and youthful eyes.

Nose job

The change of the nose is on the shape. It seems she did a nose job in order to make her nose turned narrower than before. She got a well done job.

Botox Injection

A common procedure that she also possibly did. She might have a botox injection to remove all the wrinkles on the forehead. She got her forehead so smooth nowadays.

Those speculation had invited several opinions no only common people but also the plastic surgeon. Among the plastic surgeons, Vanna White’s case is still debatable.

Dr. Paul Nassif claimed that Vanna White had not done anything, while Dr. John di Saia got a different opinion. He claimed that Vanna had done some procedures. Do yo think Vanna got plastic surgeries?

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