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Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox and Neck Lift

Victoria Principal is no longer young woman she is actually over 60 years old. There should be a lot of aging signs on her appearance. Amazingly, Victoria didn’t look that old. She still has a really attractive look. Her face is so youthful. Therefore, Victoria was rumored having several plastic surgeries as it is the only big reason behind her success in making her look youthful. Some possible plastic surgeries she did included facelift, Botox injection and neck lift.

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox and Neck Lift

Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


This procedure was commonly used as the first way to face the aging. As many people know that Victoria should have a lot of sagging skin due to her old age. But we only find a tight facial skin without any sagging skin. It might be too good as a natural work. Therefore, a facelift is strongly possible done by her. We could also see the effect on her eyebrow that was a bit pulled up. The eyebrow could be the effect of facelift or Botox injection.

Botox Injection

The second procedure is a Botox injection. The Botox might be injected on her forehead to remove the wrinkles appear on her face. As one of the sign of aging, wrinkle is one of the greatest things that many women wanted to eliminate. By using the Botox injection, the wrinkles or lines could be removed instead from the forehead. Today we see that her face look so smooth and flawless. She looked much younger than her age.

Neck Lift

The third procedure is the necklift. Just like the name, she actually focuses on her neck. The sagging or loosing neck skin was tightened with this procedure. Like a facelift procedure, the neck lift could refine and refresh the wrinkled neck skin become more youthful. We guessed she could not avoid the rumor due to her neck skin is so fine.

Victoria Principal claimed that she didn’t do any plastic surgery, and she said that the secret of her youthful look is a lot exercises. But many people don’t believe it. Because it was obviously seen that she possibly did those procedures with a nice job. What do you think?

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