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Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Vida Guerra is a glamor celebrity which well known with her fantastic rear bean that may the result from the butt implant. The actress self denies the butt implant but said she has been conducting the breast implant instead. Though she wont admit the procedure for the rear end body part, but her bootylicious looks confirmed that she did something with her butt area. In the past, she also denied the procedure for breast implant but recently admit it because her photos were leaked on the internet. That is why many people say that not long again she will admits butt augmentation either.

before and after plastic surgery Vida Guerra Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

before and after Vida Guerra breast implants


Long before the butt implant, she has been buffeted with the breast implant procedure that was accused to her. Though she is Latina, but her breast seems too big for her petite body. Her breast looks so though with perfectly rounded shape and up condition. Her breast looks so juicy with pulled condition and it seems never affected with gravitation though her age is about 40. At first, this woman denies the breast implant speculation and says that gaining weight makes her breast looks so big. But not long after that, she confirmed that has been conducting plastic surgery for breast implant due her profession as the glamor model that exposed body more than fashion outfit.

Vida Guerra Butt Implants Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Vida Guerra Butt Implants

Butt Implant

Many people believe that she also has the but implant procedure though never confirmed anything bout it. Her butt is far from something you can called it as normal and natural. It looks so big, too big even she was dubbed as bootylicious. Many surgeons said it was the result from the butt implant procedure that gives her this kind off big butt condition.

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