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Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

She is an is an American comedian and actress that is best known for writing a very popular sitcom that is on television now. However, the Whitney Cummings plastic surgery issue is still debatable.  There have been rumors floating around  that she has had some plastic surgery. If you are looking at the way she has changed recently, some people decided that the surgery rumors are probably true. They could be right since at times she does look like a completely different person from who she looked like before.

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery


Nose Job

A nose job is the first procedure that was noticed by the public recently. Well it’s not a full nose reconstruction though, because she already had a sharper nose in the past. It was the kind of procedure to make the lower nasal cartilage smaller and less cramped than before. The nostrils also look smaller with more rounded and pointed tips like she has now.

Lip implants

She has thick lips, which leads to the speculation about lip enhancement procedures. Lip enhancement through implant rumors were spreading because this woman’s lips looked plumper and fuller than they did before. Not only that, she used to have small sized lips with a thin shape to them. As you see her appearance now, her lips look pouty, thicker, and better because of the results from Collagen or Restylane there. She could also over do these procedures and make her lips too big and unnatural looking.  She must pay attention to this because no one likes to look at a person with strange misshapen lips.

Eyelid surgery

The thing that makes her appearance look older is her eyes. Her eyes looks tired and restless, though they look bigger and wider recently. It seems that this woman needed another eyelid surgery to abolish sagginess that still can be seen there. Yes it’s true that her eyes look wide now. She can’t hide the bagginess that still appears under them. She has possibly had a few plastic surgery procedures over the last year or so. People have really noticed the differences and it is hard for them to look at her without pointing them out. Whitney Cummings plastic surgery procedures make her looks good. Most people agree that she looks older than her real age.  However most people have plastic surgery to look younger not older therefore maybe her procedures were not much of a success. Do you agree that she looks much older than her actual age? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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